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Eat icecubes+drink water= profit??

ps; Last time I was in hospital, my (dangly bit at the back of your throat, i dont know what it's called) was bloomin huge and i couldnt speak, apparantly it was cuz i was drinking the night before. I was shocked. Glad your well. Hope the voice actoring goes well!

I think the dangly bit is called a uvula, and yes I am fine now ^_^ and thanks for your concern!

glad u feel better good job on Ode to the Fairy goddess excellent work u have a beautiful voice

awww thank you on both accounts!

hooray for universal healthcare
god we live in a brilliant country.
last time i was in the hospital i had to get stitches in my fingers

from what you ask?

.... doing the dishes

I'm guessing you broke something? That is an interesting story though XD must be a funny story to tell your friends when you're bored.

Good to hear you're back and doing well. I've had that "could have died" twice in regard to ending up with walking pneumonia. They always say, "If you hadn't come in today, you could have died! What were you thinking?" My reply was always, "My immune system is there for a reason and I felt like I could keep going."

lol, yeah I kinda understand. I seriously thought I just had a really bad fever, I didn't know I was going to "die" if I didn't go to the hospital.

good to know your allright. I also enjoyed the Ode to the Fairy goddess, though you must try not to sing through your nose and always sing breathing through your stomach. Unless if you are Eros Ramazotti :P

To tell you the truth I know no other way to sing. I mean no one told me how to "sing from the diaphragm" or that what I am doing can't sustain itself until recently. Fortunately I'm taking a vocal class, which should help me out. Thanks though!

I'm glad to know you're feeling better now. You need to take better care of yourself from now on.

BTW, I forwarded the voice clips to Osuka so he can finish his flash. Thanks again in advance.

Thanks! And I think I should feel offended, of course I'm taking care of myself, I can't help it if I got whatever I got. I have no idea what I did wrong. Personally I blame it on eating the food at the exhibition... so no more outing for me for a while. Either way there's no way to avoid sickness, it's a fact of life ^_^ I can only be happy to be alive.
Again I emphasize I didn't feel my life was being threatened. To tell you the truth, I don't like seeing doctors when I'm sick with just a flu (or else I'd be there every day). I only went because my boyfriend said please.

Wow. Well im glad that you feel better now. Try to drink a lot of water to clean the kidney. I know that for the dehydratation people drinks gatorade but dont ever try it, the minerals can make kidney stones. A friend told me that and he have a lot of experience with kidney stones.

Hey I'm fine now, and personally I don't really like the taste of gatorade. Thanks for the advise though.

oh hello would you like to hang out with a prince pm me if you want to

It may be a late comment and you don't know me at all - but be careful. People underestimate blood tests; especially for potential kidney/liver problems. They're good for monitoring overall health anyway. I'd recommend taking a quick blood test now and then. I don't know how Canada's health system works, but you should be able to request kidney/liver or endocrine-specific analysis. I discovered serious albeit not life-threatening autoimmune diseases from such a test.

Not that I'm claiming to be an expert that fully understands what your ailment was, but talk of mixed results and possible death sound unpleasant; and I'd consider getting into the habit of going in for blood tests as a future precaution.

Am glad you feeling alot better one thing about hospitals hospitals food is terrible

Glad your ok now

im glad you are fine now lovely. I would hate to see you sidelined because of that. You have a beautiful voice and cant wait to hear it more.

hi.......I now you dont now me I and I gess you made a full recovery

oh my! i hope you dont have to get throught that again, be careful the next time, ok?

Hey, noticed you're still on dA... and that I had a kidney stone attack this past Monday (thought it might be an infection, but that was after I though it was a severe muscle spasm), and expelled it a few hours ago!
Any chance you'll come back to NG? Heard your voice on a movie and was just wondering if you still VA.