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Posted by Shiraikigu - September 19th, 2009

Well, good news, I'm finally out of the hospital (Yay! This was old news). I went there Sept. 9 and came out on the 11th. My reason for it being I had a kidney infection...at least that's what the doctor who prescribed the meds to me said. I kind of had mixed results and it really confuses me as to what exactly was wrong with me this time. The results were the same in the end: if I didn't go to the hospital when I did, I "could have" died. Personally I think they were over exaggerating, but after researching each of the illnesses doctors wild guesses I had, I must say, yes that was true. I feel that this is odd seeing as how I went in with a fever and pain in my side when I tried to breathe.

You know what I hate most about the hospital I went to though? They would see me for ten hours. I kid you not. I went in at around 1 in the afternoon, and I got in at around midnight. What I felt was worse was the hospital policy of no eating or drinking until the doctor saw you. Please realize that because I had some fever (kidney infection) I didn't eat breakfast, and I didn't drink since my boyfriend came in to rush me to the doctors. Looking back though I must say the look on my mothers face was hilarious when the doctor told her I was "obviously dehydrated". Still though I have no rights to complain, after all, it was all paid for by the government.

But seriously guys, I'm fine now. read that before you comment. I'm back and I'm ready to go do the things I love best. If you would like to chat, leave a comment, I'll tell you interesting things that happened while I was at the hospital.

Posted by Shiraikigu - July 28th, 2009

Hey so I finally got over my most recent sickness and so I figured I should grab the chance while I've still got it. So I found some interesting dubbing groups on youtube that I will try out for, but if you are genuinely interested in recruiting me for you flashes, feel free to do so ^_^